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We pride ourselves on customer service.  Whether it's helpful, free advice or cutting lumber for a complete fence project, we are your best choice!  We offer a variety of services related to to the woods - making lumber, helping clean up your property or even automate a machine you might own!  For information on these Technical Services, click Here.

Custom Sawmilling

Rough Lumber including fencing, beams and posts

Fuel Reduction and Mulching

Mulch your property and make it beautiful!  The pictures below contrast the before and after.  Each Before and After Sample comparison picture was taken in approximately the same location and clearly shows the dramatic transformation your property can have. 

Our own property was once so thick with underbrush and limbs that you couldn't walk or see more than about 50'.  Now, it nearly parklike - minus the grass - which allows new seedlings to get established and start the next generation of forest re-growth.

Here are some Before and After pictures of various mulch jobs we have done....