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About Plum Valley Enterprises, LLC

Thank you for visiting our site.  We specialize in producing top notch wood products while providing premier customer service.  Our mission statement is to:

 “Maintain, enhance, and promote a sustainable small woodland forest unit.” 

What this means is we are stewards of the land (leaving something for future generations) while offering great products and service to our customers.  We harvest wood from our land at a rate far below what is produced annually.

We are a small, family owned business focused on sustainable forest practices, stewardship of the land, and strong work ethic.  We pride ourselves on nearly 100% utilization of our forest products. We focus on producing quality products not quantity.  We harvest wood from our land at a rate far below what it naturally produces annually.

We back our quest for sustainability with advanced degrees in Biochemistry and Electrical Engineering.  With this combination of skillsets, we can help your technical projects be successful. We enjoy advanced computing on supercomputers almost as much as we enjoy getting our hands dirty!

Some pictures of our forest....

Premier Wood Products

Using our state-of-the-art, fully hydraulic Cook's Sawmill, we can provide precise, rough cut lumber to your specification.  Our saw can cut boards up to 32" wide and 21' long.  While we normally selectively harvest Incense Cedar, Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir from our own lands, we can also cut your logs either at your site or ours.  Have a special project in mind?  Give us a call @ 541-891-8605 or email info@plumvalleyenterprises.com and we can discuss your application.

We are well known in the Klamath Falls area for providing a superior fencing product using Incense Cedar at a fair market price.  It is beautiful, offers superior durability, paints well.  Check out our Products page for examples of what we offer. Our Photo Gallery shows some of beautiful projects our customers have done with our products.

Forest Residuals

We strive to use 100% of the wood we harvest.  During our harvesting and forest maintenance activities, we collect wood that is not good enough for lumber and turn it into firewood.  We cut our branches and "tree parts" into usable firewood.  In fact, we cut branches down to about 2" so it doesn't go to waste.  Customers who buy these cutoffs love the high density material and therefore the longer burn times!

The slabs from our mill are also turned into firewood.  Sawdust from our mill is used for animal bedding or environmentally friendly oil absorber.  Finally, planer shavings make excellent fire starter, animal bedding and even recyclable packaging protection instead of packing peanuts!

Forest Restoration and Fuel Reduction

We love living in the forest.  One of the risks, however, is fire.  We work hard to mitigate this danger by practicing fuel reduction and forest restoration.  We also offer this service to our customers.  If you live in a forested area, let us help you reduce your fire hazard. We can turn your forest fuels into mulch, or brush rake the forest floor to reduce fuel loading on the forest floor. Furthermore, rather than burning your wood waste, mulching it back into the soil will help enhance your soil quality.

Our Cat 289C Multi-terrian Loader with Cat HM315 spiral head mulcher will chew up your unsightly juniper, manzanita, sage brush, blackberry and many other unwanted plants with ease - making room and loosening the soil for more desireable species such as pine and fir seedlings.

Have you logged or thinned recently and want to eliminate the stumps? In many cases we can grind those unsightly stumps down and turn your property into a park-like setting.

See our Services page for sample projects we have done.

Why should I buy from Plum Valley Enterprises?

In a word, VALUE.  We offer unique products you can't find at your local big box store - and we offer it at a fair price.  For those products you can find at other stores, you'll find ours to be not only top notch quality but typically 20%-30% less cost.  We keep our costs down by maintaining low operating costs and utilizing every tree we cut to it's maximum potential.  Our friendly staff will greet you with a smile and offer friendly, expert advice that we've gained from education and actual hands on experience.

Since we are family owned, you are supporting a local business.  Our products are great for non-structural applications such as siding, trim (interior and exterior), tables, benches, and any  project where stamped and graded lumber is not required (check your local building codes).

What do we offer?

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  • Incense Cedar fencing materials in a variety of options (ungraded)
  • Ponderosa Pine lumber (ungraded)
  • Douglas Fir lumber (ungraded)
  • Juniper (limited availability)
  • Firewood
  • Residuals such as shavings & sawdust

Forest Related Services

  • Custom Sawmilling
  • Mulching, fuel reduction

Technical Services

  • Process Control, PLC programming, Wonderware®
  • PC's, Websites, Networking, Access®

Biotechnical Services

  • Biochemistry
  • Grantsmanship
  • Patent Research