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Call us for "old" inventory - items that are cluttering up our workspace and we'll wheel-and-deal with you to get it out of our way!  Our most popular item is our $1 boards.

Our $1 board specials come and go quickly!  The rustic Incense Cedar boards are typically ~7/8" thick x 5 1/2"wide x 5'long rough sawn. These boards are offered at this low price because they are not quite perfect. See the picture on the right for what they typically look like. There is usually wane on both sides or an edge that is not perfect or a crack. There might be a thick board here or there. Please note these are MUCH thicker than most fence boards you buy at the store.  Quantities are usually very limited due to high demand.

You can use these for fence boards, siding a small shed or even lining a closet. Incense Cedar has a wonderful smell that is known to repel bugs. It is rot resistant and will last a long time. You can also use these to make excellent planters for flowers & such.

Android App Rebates!

If you purchase our android app (expected release March 2015) for calculating your fence parts from the Google Play store (cost $1.99), you will recieve a $20 credit on your first order from us*!  This app gives you the ability to determine all the parts you need for your fence project including concrete, posts, framing members, boards and even the nails or screws!  Check back often for the link HERE when it is available.

* Order value must exceed $200.