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Top Quality Lumber, Fencing, Posts and Beams

We can cut lumber to your specification from our selection of softwoods including Incense Cedar, Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine.  If you have your own logs, we can cut those too.


Special Cut Lumber - Live Edge Slabs & Limited Availability Items

These items are specially cut for customers or were cut special due to their unique qualities.  Our inventory constantly changes with these highly sought after items.  Please call for latest product selection.


Plum Valley Enterprises -

Finished Lumber/Mouldings - Planed and dimensioned



We produce 16" and 20" firewood from our forest residuals that can't be made into lumber.  It is seasoned a minimum of one year. The species will vary, but typically a mix of Ponderosa Pine, Cedar, Douglas Fir and Juniper

Residuals - Sawdust, Shavings, and chips